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RAISING UP testifiers

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Get to Know Us

Joe and Susan saw that God was using their testimony, and His promise to Susan that her bridegroom would come back to her, to represent Christ's return someday on the clouds. God has continued to orchestrate the events in their lives in order to create great symbolism that speaks about being the Bride of Christ and how we should live in preparation for Christ’s return - living lives that testify to Him.

Way by the suspension bridge in a misty forest on the pages of an open magical book. Majes


Letting your story become a bridge that leads others to Christ.

Our Mission

To testify by any means possible and to encourage others to do the same. To equip others to be a better witness by learning how to find, record, and share their story through their God-given gifts and talents as a way to lead others to Jesus. God longs to move in your life in order to create stories worth testifying about. He longs to use the gifts, talents, and passions He created us with to glorify His great name.

To Make Testifiers

God has given us the mission to raise up testifiers. God desires for us to know Him and to make Him known. He also instilled each of us with unique abilities in order to accomplish this. He gave each of us different spiritual gifts and talents. What Joe and I love about our union is that between both of us, we cover a large selection of different ways to testify in order to inspire others. God gifted me with the ability to work with words, both written and spoken. I also love to sing and dance and make jewelry. God gifted Joe with almost all other artforms. He loves to draw, paint, sculpt, work with glass, and much, much more. What skills and talents has God gifted you with? He longs for you to use these abilities to testify! He also longs to fill your life with stories worth testifying about.

Everything we offer, words, our books, resources, and art, and anything else we might offer within our calling is to make a difference in the lives of all we meet. We desire for you to know your identity in Christ, to see your life and story through His eyes, and then join us in living lives that testify to Jesus in preparation for His return on the clouds.

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